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NFA Links

For additional information about LEGAL private ownership of Thompson Submachine guns and other weapons covered by the National Firearms Act of 1934, check out the resources at the following Web sites:

Web Sites of some Class 3 dealers.

Email Addresses of Webless Class 3 dealers.

General Firearms Sites

Commercial or Non-Profit Firearms and Personal Defense Oriented Web sites.

Non commercial Firearms Oriented Web Sites.

Web Sites that may be of interest for Retired and Active Military Personnel.


If you would like to add a link to The Unofficial Tommy Gun Page from your own pro-firearms Web Page, please be my guest. No special permission is required.  However, links from anti-gun Web Sites are not permitted.

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<a href="" target="_top"><font size="4" face="Comic Sans MS"><strong>The Unofficial Tommy Gun Page</strong></font></a>

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