Serial Number 5831 - The s/n on the receiver is totally removed, as well as the Model of 1921. It has been re-stamped by police on the receiver and the original number is still on the frame. Charles Schauer with a silly smile on his face.

Around 40% of the finish remains. There is some rust on the rear sight and the front grip has been replaced with a W.W.II grip. It has all Colt internal parts.

Serial Number 7924 - Has original Colt 1928 Navy internals with a type two comp. The rear grip has been replaced and the gun has 50% of its original finish.

Serial Number 8985 - Has a comp. with all Colt parts and the wood is black from use. About 60% finish.

Serial Number 7272 - All colt parts, 50% finish.

Serial Number 3818 - All original Colt parts, about 70% condition, with comp.

Serial Number 7391 - About 50% finish with 1928 Navy parts installed.

Serial Number 4614 - All original parts with 40% condition.

Serial Number 5470 - 70% condition with 1928 Navy parts.

Serial Number 8993 - Colt parts, 80% condition has a 1921 actuator, but is an Overstamp model.

As far as I know, these guns are on Form 10. The original paperwork has never been found. Many inquires have been made on selling them, even as parts kits. All offers have been turned down. In the words of the dear late Mayor Dailey, "In the Chicago Police Headquarters they will remain." I guess that fate is better then the blast furnace of some steel mill.

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