This story starts out as we know it, they do exist! They were not destroyed, sent back to the factory, lost in shipping, or stolen from police headquarters, Chicago Police ThompsonsThe original guns are sitting in a locked down state minus the butt stocks and are in really bad shape, over at police headquarters on 11th and State St. Chicago. The original boxes of colt spare parts have been over the years switched around with WWII parts and some have gone home as collector item parts. The drums, for their own protection from theft, are now marked with a security number. They have seen years of hard use and it has even been confirmed that one of the guns s/n 7391, was carried by a Chicago officer for ten years, when he worked auto theft and gang crimes. He had it in a locked duffle bag without the butt stock and with a twenty round magazine in the trunk of his car. The officer can remember using it in the 1968 riots and the Blackstone Ranger raid. The wood has turned black from use and the oils of ones hands. The actuator has been pulled back a thousand times to show off this proud warrior to many curious eyes. If these Colt's could talk, they would have tales to fill volumns. Now they'll jusst lay in the cabinet of steel and wood. The guns are as follows with s/n and conditions as best as I can describe.

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