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Timeline Tools Change List


Version 1.0.64 - 01/09/2016

  • This is a maintenance release that fixes a bug in the Timeline Tools .SFL file creation option that lets you export your Vegas Markers to a DVD Architect compatible .SFL marker file.    The problem was that project export settings that contained certain Audio bitrates and Video Frame rates caused the Chapter Markers in the .SFL file to be misplaced in the timeline.    This release also contains a new Marker Export option that will Export your Vegas Marker or Region positions to a TMPGENC Mastering Works Keyframe file.

  • Note: Version 1.0.63 was skipped because some copies of a beta v1.0.63 were distributed to testers.   I've upped the version number to 1.0.64 for the official release.

Version 1.0.62 - 12/11/2014

  • This is a maintenance release that corrects the Timeline Tools version number that was included in the 12/08/2014 release.   Version 1.0.62 was release without updating its internal build number, so it appeared to still be version 1.0.61.   This release fixes that problem.

Version 1.0.62 - 12/08/2014

  • Changed the way that Timeline Tools handles the Sony Vegas Pro "TrackCountChanged" event.    Vegas fires this event whenever a track is added or removed from a project.   While investigating a bug reported by a user, I discovered that Vegas can get into an unstable state if the Vegas "TrackCountChanged" event listener examines certain Vegas objects while processing this event.   Timeline Tools now detects the event, queues it up to be processed later, then immediately returns.   In this manner Vegas is completely stable when I later process the change in the number of Project tracks and update the Timeline Tools display controls.

  • Added a new feature to the Main Display Grid Media Filter selection that Filters by Media Tags.    In addition to search Tags, you can now enter a Tag enclosed in square brackets, "[" and "]", to instruct the filter to exclude any Media that also contains the bracketed Tag.  Or you can place "[*]" after all other search Tags to limit the search to only the Media that only contains the specified search Tags.

Version 1.0.61 - 11/14/2014

  • Enhanced Media Tag Editor to allow for Extended selection of Main Display Grid items by passing PgUp & PgDn keystrokes and holding down the Shift-Key when pressing the Up or Down Arrow Keys when the Tag Input Box has focus in Media Tag Editor dialog.

  • Also fixed a minor bug that caused the Media Tag Editor Input Box to lose Focus when Timeline Tools performed an Automatic Save operation.

  • Enhanced the Move List Editor dialog to allow sorting of the items in the grid by clicking on the appropriate column header.  When the items in the Move List are Moved in the Timeline, they will appear in the same order as they appeared in the Move List Editor.

  • Added a new feature that exports a Report of the PlugIns used in your Vegas Project.   The Report can show either an overall list of the PlugIn used by all Vegas Objects.   Or it can show PlugIns assigned to each Object in your Vegas Project.   To Create the Report select the Timeline Tools Vegas PlugIns Tab.    Then Right-Click inside the PlugIn Information Tree at the left side of the form, and select the Export Project Plug-In utilization list ... menu item.   This brings up the Export Project PlugIn Usage Report form.   Enter a folder and file name to use for the Rich Text Formatted Report.  Or simply use the default name and location that Timeline Tools creates from the Project name.    Next choose the Report Type and press the Save Report button.    When done, the Report will be opened up inside Windows Wordpad for your review.    Along with this feature there is a new program option added to the option list in the Track Tools & Options Tab.   After you create your first PlugIn Report by opening the Report form, the settings you chose will be stored and if the "Auto Save PlugIn usage Report when Project is closed" option is checked, will automatically save a PlugIn usage Report when the Project is closed, or Vegas is shut down.

  • Added a new Program Option Only Refresh Event Group Display when button is pushed.  This option prevents Timeline Tools from automatically examining the Project Event Groupings whenever the Project is modified in any way.   If enabled, Timeline Tools and will only update the Group display Tree if the Refresh button is pushed.   Users who have very large nested Projects will benefit from this option, as it will speed up editing time by eliminating the need to repeatedly perform a time consuming analysis of the Projects Event Groupings when the slightest change is made to a Project.

  • This release also includes an update to the FFmpeg open source utility that Timeline Tools uses for Optical Scene detection.

Version 1.0.60 - 10/06/2014

  • Rearranged the Process Event Changes Options in the Markers, Regions, & FX Tab.   Event Options used to appear as individual Checkboxes.   Now they are checkable items in a Listbox.   This allows for easy expansion of the number of options available.

  • Added a new Event Change Option to the Process Event Changes Options.   The new option is called "Set to Project Size".   When checked, this will set the Pan / Crop display size equal to the size of the Project for all Selected Events.

  • Added a new feature that's accessible from the Right-Click Context menu in the Main Display Grid of the Track Event Info Tab.   The menu items is labeled Merge or Copy New Media ...  This feature is intended to make it much easier to import new media in a Vegas Project Track with the guarantee that media already in the Track will not be duplicated.   For example.  Say you have a slideshow Project that has a couple hundred image files in the Project, and all the Project files were imported from a specific folder.   Then you want to add many more new files to the Project, and still organize them all in the same folder.  This new feature will let you open a folder and view and view files that are NOT already in the selected Project Track.  And then allow you to select and Copy them to your specified folder.   After than, you can view all the files in your organized folder, and view only those files that are NOT already in the selected Project Track; allowing you to add them to the Project.

  • Fixed a bug in the Edit Move List dialog.   If Takes were display in the main display grid and a multiple Take Event was added to the list, the Edit Move List dialog table became corrupted.

Version 1.0.59 - 06/02/2014

  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in an earlier release of Timeline Tools that caused the program to not recognize the creation of a new Project if Timeline Tools was running, an existing project was currently loaded, and the operator pressed the Vegas New Project button or menu selection, then created a new project.

  • A new Marker & Region option selection has been added to the Markers, Region & FX tab.   The new Split All Grouped Events  option affects how the Split Evnts @ Markers button works.   When this option is disabled and you select a Track in the Select Target Track list, only the Events in the target Track will be split under the Markers / Regions highlighted in Markers / Regions listbox.    However, when the option is enabled and other tracks are selected in the Vegas timeline, Events in those tracks that are grouped with the Event in the target track under the Marker, will also be split.

  • A major new feature has also been added in this release.  Optical Scene Detection.   You first select a Video Track, and Highlight and Event(s) in the Main Display Grid, then, select the context menu item that brings up the Scene Detection dialog.    From this dialog you adjust and initiate the Scene Analyzer process which creates Regions on the Vegas timeline that bound all of the detected scenes.  From the dialog you can set the Analyzers sensitivity and edit the scene boundaries and delete or merge scenes.   When finished you can Accept the scenes or Cancel the operation which deletes all the detected scenes and related Regions.

Version 1.0.58 - 05/04/2014

  • This is a maintenance release to fix a problem in the new feature released in v1.0.57 that displays the combined time length of all events shown in the grid.  This fix is needed to overcome a compatibility issue with Sony Vegas 13. 

Version 1.0.57 - 05/03/2014

  • In this release I've re-arranged many items in the Markers, Regions & FX tab.  This was needed to accommodate several new Marker & Region option settings.   Option switches related to Markers/Regions have been combined into a single option listbox similar to the options in the Track Tools & Options tab.

  • This release now performs a mixed sort of Vegas Timeline Markers and Media Markers (if included).  Media Markers now appear mixed in the list in the same Time order as they do in the Vegas timeline.  Previously Media Markers were appended to the end of the list of Project Markers.

  • Added the ability to move one or more timeline Markers / Regions as a group a distance relative to the Vega Cursor.

  • Added Tooltip Help to the items in the Options list in the Track Tools & Options tab as well as the new Markers & Regions Options list.

  • Fixed a bug that did not display all Events without attached Media Tags if Media Tag filtering was selected and the search text field was left blank.

  • Changed Font size and spacing for Gap / Overlap Search section in the Track Tools & Options Tab.  The video displays in some PC's were rendering UI layouts slightly larger than normal causing layout issues in this portion of the Tab window.

  • Added a Progress Bar display when Media Tag or Media Name filtering is being displayed and there are a large number of Events in the selected Track.

  • Added a new feature that displays the combined Time length of all items shown in the main display grid.   To bring up this information, simply place the mouse over the label that shows the number of items in the grid.   Note: this displays the combined length of all the Events shown in the list.  It does not display the length of time they occupy in the Vegas timeline; which could be different due to overlap and gaps between Events.

Version 1.0.56 - 04/07/2014

  • Maintenance release to fix a minor bug that was introduced with the addition of Align Events to Markers in the Track Tools & Options Tab.

  • Added two new features to the new Audio Tools Tab.  (1) A new Delete Markers button to make it much easier to iteratively try new analyzer settings, delete all markers and try again.  (2) An indicator label that shows the total number of Markers that are present in the Vegas Timeline.

Version 1.0.55 - 03/30/2014

  • Added new feature to Import Markers and Regions created by the Export Selected Markers & Regions feature that were not written as a single line.   This also Imports Markers and Regions that follow certain guidelines.

  • Modified the option that Included Region Length info when displaying Regions, to now include both End and Length info.

  • Added new Align Events to Markers Layout option Preset in the Track Tools & Options Tab.  This will position and size Track Events to Start at, and Fit Between Markers.

  • Added new Audio Tools Tab.  This tab provides a new feature that can analyze the beat rhythm of targeted Audio Events, and automatically place Markers in the Vegas timeline at the beat locations.   When used with other new features in the Markers, Regions & FX tab and the Track Tools & Options tab, you can easily create a Rapid Fire slideshow that switches images to the beat of music in your sound track.

  • Added new button and Context Menu selection in Markers, Regions & FX Tab to delete Markers / Regions that are selected in the List.

Version 1.0.54 - 02/21/2014

  • Added new feature that reflects keystrokes back to the Timeline Tools utility when the Media Tags Editor is open and the keystroke is not used in the editor.

  • You can now enter multiple Media Tags at one time by separating them with a comma in the Media Tag Editors' Tag input box.

  • Added a new "Re-Quantize To Frames" action selection in the Track Tools and Options Tab.   This repositions Event Start and End locations of ALL, or just Selected Events, at absolute frame locations in the Timeline.

Version 1.0.53 - 12/12/2013

  • Fixed a bug that that caused the Cursor Stack entries to be reset when a new A/V Track was added or deleted from the Vegas Timeline.

Version 1.0.52 - 10/04/2013

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Timeline Tools from adding 3rd Party FX to Events if the FX does not support Keyframing.    Magic Bullet Looks could not be added to Events using the Timeline tools PlugIns Tab options, because the M.B.L. Presets can only be applied to the Effect directly, and not by way of a Keyframe.   This means that an M.B.L. Effect must remain consistent throughout the Timeline length of the Event.    Although there may be others like this, this is the first 3rd Party FX I've run across that doesn't support Keyframing.

  • Added the ability to export Sony Vegas Pro Markers / Regions as DVD Chapters to a Sony DVD Architect compatible .SFL file.    Timeline Tools already provided a feature to Export Markers / Regions as Frame Numbers or Timecode values to a Text file for Import into DVD Authoring Software.   By simply selecting the new To DVDA .sfl file checkbox, you will be prompted to select the Rendered video file that will be used as the base file name and path where the newly created Chapter Marks file will be located.   From DVDA, select the same target video you used when you created the Markers file, and press the Load Markers button.   This tells DVDA to look for a .sfl Markers file with the same base name as the project video file, with .sfl appended to its name.   You may have to delete the video file and re-add it to force DVDA  to look for the Markers file.


  • Added a new Instructional Video on how to use Timeline Tools to Lay out Events for a Video Slideshow.

Version 1.0.51 - 08/14/2013

  • Fixed a bug that prevented stand-alone ungrouped Audio Events from having their Lengths adjusted in the Track Tools & Options Tab while adjusting Event layout.

  • Fixed a bug that was inadvertently resetting the last used Gap Size value to zero on program startup.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the programs various Track List boxes from being informed that a change in the Vegas Track count had occurred.

  • Added a new Option Button in the Markers, Regions & FX Tab labeled "Add CD Event Regions".   This provides support for the Vegas Burn CD Tools option for creating a Disk-at-once Audio CD.   This option performs the necessary CD Layout prior to burning an Audio CD from multiple Events on an Audio Track.  It automatically adds Audio CD Regions to the Vegas Audio CD Regions Track that bracket all the Audio Events in the Selected Target Audio Track.

  • Added a new Option Checkbox in the Markers, Regions & FX Tab "Mode Group" labeled "Show CD Track Info".   This option switches the Markers & Regions list from showing regular Video and Audio Track Media Markers & Regions, to showing the Vegas Audio CD Track Markers & Regions.   Another new option checkbox labeled "Only display Label Info" reduces the information shown in the listbox to just showing Marker & Region label info.    This, combined with the "Show CD Track Info" checkbox, and the Audio CD Regions added to the Audio CD Track, lets you export the Audio CD Track Region labels to a Text file that could be used to print a CD label when all Audio CD Regions are Selected and the Export Selected Markers & Regions button is pressed.

  • Changed the text color of Media PlugIns shown in the main grid from Red to Bold Violet if the PlugIn is assigned to Media rather than the Event itself.  Bold Violet text represents Media PlugIns.   Black Text represents Video Event PlugIns and Audio Track PlugIns.

  • When the Show Take column option is enabled, all Events with Multiple Takes will be displayed in two or more rows in the grid.   This release contains a change that sets the background color of all Multiple Take Rows of the same Event, to Light Yellow.

Version 1.0.50 - 08/01/2013

  • Fixed bug that caused a problem if Vegas and Timeline Tools were started without a project already loaded, followed by an attempt to load a project.

  • Made change to prevent Vegas Packages from being selected in the Timeline Tools PlugIns Tab tree.   Vegas Packages are not supported in the Vegas programmers API, therefore they're not supported in Timeline Tools.

  • Added new feature that optionally lets Timeline Tools apply Video FX to the Active Take Media of a Video Event, rather than the Event itself.

  • Added a new custom Event property named Fixed that's accessible via the Timeline Tools Property Editor.  The Fixed property works in conjunction with The Timeline Tools Option Settings, and Event Gap Management in the Track Tools & Options Tab to mark Events to prevent their Length from being changed when the Adjust Events button is pressed.    The Fixed Property can now replace the Vegas Locked Property as the preferred method of marking Vegas Events to prevent Length changes; but it must be enabled by checking the Use Fixed not Locked property to prevent Event Length changes in the Option Settings.   The Fixed property can also be displayed in the main display grid if the Show Fixed Property State option is enabled in the Option Settings.

  • Added speed Keys to bring up the Timeline Tools Property Editor.   If any Timeline Tools Tab or Control has been clicked, taking Focus away from Vegas itself, Pressing Ctrl-Shift-P brings up the Property Editor ready to Edit Events Selected in the Vegas Timeline.   Pressing Ctrl-Alt-P brings up the Property Editor ready to Edit Events Highlighted in the main display grid.

Version 1.0.49 - 07/07/2013

  • Added a new configuration Option to automatically create a Media Tags Backup file whenever the Vegas Project is Autosaved by Timeline Tools.

  • Added new menu options to the main display grid context menu to Export and/or Import Media Tags to/from a Media Tag backup file.

  • Enhanced the Timeline Tools feature that creates a DOS Batch file that lets you relocate your Project Media to a new Folder location.   When Vegas detects that existing Project Media has gone Missing ( because it was moved to a different folder ) it allows you to specify a new location where the media can be found.  But there's a problem with Vegas when the Media files are found in the new folder location; Vegas deletes all Media Metadata that's associated with Project Media such as the Timeline Tools Media Tags.   To get around this problem, Timeline Tools now creates a special Relocated Media Tag export file at the same time and folder location where it creates the DOS Batch file.    If you import this Media Tag file after running the DOS Batch file, and telling Vegas where your Media files are now located, you can restore all your previously assigned Timeline Tools Media Tags.

  • Fixed some minor bugs in the Track Tools & Options Tab, Adjust Event Gaps, Overlap and Size feature.   Also added a new control to "Lock 1st Event".   This control greatly simplifies the process of laying out Events on the Timeline if you want to adjust your Events, but do not want to also shift your Events to start at Time 00:00:00.00 on the timeline.

  • Added several new Properties to the Edit Event Properties form.

  • Enhanced the Random Transitions feature in the Vegas PlugIns Tab.   You now have an alternate way of generating Random Transitions that limits the Random Transitions applied to Events to only those you add to a Transition List created using the existing PlugIn Chain editor.   The PlugIn Chain editor now serves a dual purpose role.  As before, it allows you to create a chain of FX and Transition PlugIns that can be applied to one or more Events.  But now, it can also create Transition PlugIn Lists.   Unlike the existing Random Transition feature, a Transition PlugIn list specifies a fixed set of Transitions and Presets that are used as the source for generating Random Transitions.   You add Transitions to the List just like you added FX to the list before; and you save and load them just like before.   But you use them by selecting the new Randomize Chain checkbox in the Random Transitions group.

Version 1.0.48 - 06/01/2013

  • Fixed bug that prevented the "Show duplicate Media Name refs" and "Show duplicate Media path refs" display filters from working properly.

  • Fixed bug that prevented Media Tags from being pasted into multiple selected Event Takes.

  • Fixed bug that was intermittently preventing the right-click context menu in the Media Tags form from being displayed.

  • Some users reported that Timeline Tools failed to open on their PC. They said the the utility's main window showed up totally blank. This has been tracked down to a missing Lucida Sans Regular font on their PC. The common thread was the missing font only occurred on the PCs of users who had installed Adobe CS4. The Lucida Sans Regular font was only being used in the Timeline Tools About Tab. So, as a precaution from this happening again, I've switched to a different font.

Version 1.0.47 - 04/03/2013

  • After the release of v1.0.46 I received an email from a user who was experiencing the effects of the Vegas Swapped Media bug.   But in his case Timeline Tools was not detecting the problem.  His problem was caused by Generated Media being swapped in place of an Active Take.   And in some cases after the swapping occurred, Vegas was still showing a valid image in the Preview Window.   Using this information, I've modified the code that detects swapped media problems and have made these changes available in this new release.   I felt this change was important enough to warrant a new release even though it's so soon after a prior release.

Version 1.0.46 - 03/29/2013

  • Added Keystroke detection that allows the user to invoke the action for specific buttons when Timeline Tools has focus  and any Tabbed window is selected:  [ Ctrl-Alt-E - Adjust Events Button - Track Tools & Options Tab ];  [ Ctrl-Alt-C - Apply Changes Button - Markers, Regions & FX Tab ]; [Ctrl-Alt-S - Apply Chain to Selected Events Button - Vegas PlugIns Tab ]; [Ctrl-Alt-A - Apply Chain to ALL Events Button - Vegas PlugIns Tab ].

  • Fixed bug that prevented Media Tags from being assigned to any Take other than the Active Take in an Event.

  • Enhanced the external tool editor to allow the user to specify an external Video and Audio editor that can be invoked by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-X keys when Timeline Tools has the focus.

  • Added new feature that allows Timeline Tools to open an .M3U or .WPL audio playlist, and import the playlist songs into a new audio track in the Vegas timeline.

  • Added new program option to disable the verification message box that appears each time the OK or Apply button in Add, Insert or Replace Selected PlugIn dialog box is pressed.   This makes it easier to leave the dialog open and apply the PlugIn as needed by selecting Events in the Vegas timeline and pressing Apply.

  • Added new program option that allows you to automatically select one or more Vegas Timeline Events by highlighting one of more Main Display Grid rows.

  • Fixed several small bugs to improve program stability and opening speed.

  • Major change to Timeline Tools Media Tag support.   Media Tags are now attached to Vegas Media Objects as Project Custom Data rather than being stored in an external XML file.   Under this new method, Media Tags are now saved in the Vegas .veg Project files.   Opening a project containing old media tags will automatically import them into the Vegas Project as Media Object based tags.   This change offers a tremendous improvement in editing speed if large blocks of Events are moved or deleted.

  • Added a new feature that allows you to Preview the Inactive Takes in a Multiple Take Event.   Move the mouse cursor over one of the Inactive Take Cells in the Main Display Grid of a Multiple Take Event, and the Vegas Preview window displays the video or graphic media assigned to that Take.   This new feature is enabled by a new program option in the Track Tools & Options Tab.   If the option is disabled, you can still see a preview if you hold down the Ctrl Key before moving the mouse over the Take Cell.

  • Added a new feature in support of Event Comments.   You can now add Event Comments that will be saved as part of the Vegas Project .veg file.   There is also a new program option that shows or hides comments in the grid.

Version 1.0.45 - 02/05/2013

  • Fixed a reported problem that ProDAD Mercalli would produce an Error after completing its final analysis if Timeline Tools was running at the same time.   A review of this problem showed that Vegas was firing a large number of events as a result of the Mercalli project changes.  This enormous number of  events was overwhelming Timeline Tools.    As A result, Timeline Tools is now placed into an idle state during any project rendering or Playback operation.

  • Added several status messages to status bar and Hourglass Cursors during lengthy processes.

  • Added additional verifications to the Export Event Table code that creates a DOS batch file to move project media files.

  • Changed behavior of the Show Take Number program option.  If Disabled, only an Events Active Take information will be displayed in the Main Display Grid.

  • Fixed a bug where a Graphic or Video Media Take was showing the dimensions  of the Active take, rather than the dimensions of the individual Takes themselves.

  • Added feature to Track Tools Tab controls for setting Event Size, Gaps and Overlap.   If an Events Locked property is enabled, Timeline Tools will ignore making any changes to the Events Length.  This essentially fixes the Event Length for Locked Events.   This is handy if you're building a photo slideshow and want to fix the length of specific Events to a different size from other Events.   From then on, any blanket Length change you make to all Events will be ignored in the Locked Events.

  • Added Multi Event Media Tag editing capability to Add, Delete and Reset Tags.

  • Added support for opening multiple files in an external editor that is capable of accepting multiple file paths in the command line.    This is specified by a new selection in the dialog that adds and edits external media editors.

  • Added new buttons in the Timeline Tools About Tab.   These will open the Windows Explorer to either the Timeline Tools Data subdirectory, Setup subdirectory, or Project subdirectory.

  • Changed the way that Takes are numbered in the grid for consistency with the scheme used by Vegas.  Also, the Active Take in Events with more than one Take has its text color set to Red.

Version 1.0.44 - 12/27/2012

  • Added new options in the Markers, Regions & FX Tab - Process Event Changes.  Keep Pan / Crop Zero, Delete Video FX Keyframes, Delete all but Keyframe 0, and Remove Event Transitions.

  • Added context menu selection in main display grid to Replace Media assigned to an Events Active Take.

  • Added new display filter Show Events with Multiple Takes that will show the Events that contain more than one Take.

  • Fixed a bug in the Export Event Table Data feature that creates a DOS Batch file that can be used to move your project files to a new location.  Previously only the media associated with the Active Take would be moved, other Takes were ignored.

  • Also added a validation step in the Export Event Table Data feature that prevents the creation of the Batch file if there are any Events that contain duplicate file names from different locations that would cause problems if moved to the same location.

  • Fixed a bug in the Random Transitions feature that did not allow the full range of available Transitions to be included in the Random selections.

Version 1.0.43 - 12/10/2012

  • Added Vegas PlugIn Tab menu option to PlugIn context menu to Delete, Add, Insert or Replace an existing PlugIn with the Selected PlugIn & Preset in targeted Events on the Selected Track.

  • Changed the format of PlugIn Keyframe position from seconds to the currently selected Timeline Units in the Vegas PlugIn Tab.

  • If Project Snapshot feature is enabled, Event Move and Reverse operations will now automatically take a new Timeline snapshot when complete.  Any Undo operation that restores Event positions must be followed by taking a new snapshot.

  • Fixed bug that caused the Cursor Stack to jump the Vegas cursor to the Timeline location of the first entry in the stack whenever a new entry was added.

  • Added an option to the "Add Points to Selected Events" feature that allows you to select a Target Track other than a Bus Track, if Points on a Bus Track were Highlighted in the Track Extras Tab Point listbox and you chose the context menu option to Select related Events.

Version 1.0.42 Beta - 11/10/2012

  • Added project Option to create specially named AutoSave backup file when the user manually saves the Project.    This can be used to distinguish the difference between times in your project development when you manually saved your work, and an auto-saved backup.

  • Added enhanced capability to the test for the Sony Vegas Pro Swapped Media bug in the Show misnamed Takes & Media display filter. The additional test can take a snapshot of the current Project Event Media settings. If any changes happen after saving the configuration snapshot, the effected Events will be displayed in the Main Display Table. those effected Events will be displayed in the Main Display Table.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Media Size display filters from be added to the drop down list when the All Video Tracks Selected Track option was chosen.

Version 1.0.41 - 10/12/2012

  • Changed Gap / Overlap Search, in the Track Tools & Options Tab, to allow for searching by Time in Seconds, or by Frames.

  • Added "- Ignore -" to the Fade Type options in the Adjust Gaps, Event length, Overlap & Fade selection of the Track Tools & Options Tab.

  • Fixed bug in making Event Size, Gap, Overlap and Fade Type adjustments to more than one selected Event with Shift Trailing Events option enabled.

  • Changed Track Tools & Options edit boxes to display time in seconds with 3 decimal digits of precision.   This allows for switching between Time/Frames without loosing the original values.

  • Added "Ignore" checkboxes to the Event Size, Overlap Size / Fade In/Out size, and Gap Size input boxes in the Track Tools & Options Tab.   When checked, these fields are ignored when Events are adjusted.

Version 1.0.40 - 09/16/2012

  • Includes new Property Editor from v1.039 Beta.

  • Added new selection in Markers, Regions & FX Tab for "Don't Fit Large Media".

  • Added "Don't fit large media" option to Process Event Changes.

  • Added "Show media that fits" and "Show large media" options to the Media Type filter.

Version 1.0.39 - 08/22/2012 Released as a Beta Test Version

  • Official release containing all of the features added in the v1.0.38 beta.

  • Added new Property Editor that can edit properties on one or more selected Events.

Version 1.0.38 - 08/10/2012 Released as a Beta Test Version

  • Added ability to select multiple rows in the main display grid, and apply a media tag to all of the selected Events.

  • Fixed some minor bugs in the Add Points to Selected Events option in the main display context menu.

  • Added feature in the Cursor Stack Context menu to select the Event under the Vegas Cursor.

  • Changed the label and operation of the Track Tools & Option Tab checkboxes for Ignore Gap Removal & Ignore Leading Gaps.   These had been obsoleted due to other improvements.   See the Users Guide for more information.

  • Added feature to include Marker / Region Labels when exporting frame numbers or Timecode to a text file.

  • Added feature to Split Events on the selected track at the location of the selected Markers or Regions.

Version 1.0.37 - 07/17/2012

  • Build to replace v1.0.36 that inadvertently was released with some test code in place.  This could cause unexpected repositioning of the Vegas Cursor and selection of Events in the display grid.  Sorry about that!

Version 1.0.36 - 07/16/2012

  • Incorporated all changes from Beta version 1.0.35.

  • Added a checkbox in the Markers, Regions & FX tab that forces the Vegas cursor to automatically track the selection in the Markers / Regions Listbox.

  • Created new Subclassed Context Menu Control to restore normal Windows Like operation to the various Popup Context Menus.   Context Menus in Vegas Extensions do not behave normally and required the inclusion of a Close Menu selection.

  • Fixed bug that opened the media in the highlighted main grid, rather than the one under the Vegas cursor, from the Cursor Stack context menu.

  • Fixed several small bugs related to selections of points and markers in their respective listbox context menus.

Version 1.0.35 - 07/12/2012 - Debug Beta Version for testing purposes.

  • Changed the way that the Restore Media Size Option works for selected Events.  It now deletes all Pan / Crop Keyframes and resets the default Keyframe to the original dimensions of the image.

  • Fixed bug that did not update main display grid when Media Tags were pasted from one Event to another.

  • Added ability to use "*" or "?" wildcards when performing a PlugIn or Media Tag filter on the main display grid.

  • Added support for viewing Project Regions under the Markers & FX Tab.

  • Added feature to search and select Project Markers or Regions.   Wildcard characters "*" & "?" are supported

  • Fixed bug that prevented the letter "v" from being used in a Media Tag.

  • Fixed bug so that cursor stack positions display in the selected timeline ruler format.

  • Added new Cursor Position History Queue.  This maintains the last 15 positions of the Vegas Cursor when an Event has been selected in the Vegas Timeline, or from an Event in the Timeline Tools main Grid.

  • Added Context Help capability for the various Tab pages.   Click on a page Tab, and press Crtl-F1 to display the Users Guide for that Tab page.

Version 1.0.34 - 07/03/2012

  • Changed Autosave backup file Date format from d/m/yyyy to yyyy/mm/dd.   This allows for better sorting of the backup files in Windows Explorer.

  • Added new main display grid filter: Show misnamed Takes and Media.  This displays all Events where the Take Name is not the same as the Media Filename.

  • Changed the main display grid column title from Media Name, to Take Name.   The Active Take Name is actually what is being displayed in this column.

  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in the v1.0.32 build that caused errors on startup for a fresh install of Timeline Tools.

Version 1.0.33 - 07/02/2012

  • This was a beta release given to a few people for testing.

Version 1.0.32 - 05/22/2012

  • Added enhanced internal error logging and reporting mechanism.   All errors will now be added to the Problem Report, not just critical errors.

Version 1.0.31 - 05/19/2012

  • Added internal error logging and reporting mechanism.   Errors can now be automatically reported and the error log sent for evaluation.

Version 1.0.30 - 04/18/2012

  • fixed bug that prevented Event Groups from being displayed in the Track Extras, Event Group associations tree, if the Events in the group had been created by splitting another Event.

  • fixed bug that incorrectly moved events that were created by splitting an existing event.

  • added new selection in Auto Save feature to make Auto Save settings Global for all projects.

  • fixed bug that prevented Transition Effects from being deleted from the PlugIns Chain Tree in the Vegas PlugIns tab.

  • added feature to remove a specific PlugIn from All or Selected Events.

Version 1.0.29 - 03/29/2012

  • fixed bug related to intermittent positioning the grid selection to the first event in the grid.

  • added support for project media tags that can be displayed or used for filtering the main display grid.

  • added Media Type Filters for generic size expression and Media Tags.

  • added menu option to display first selected Vegas event in main display grid.

  • several minor bug fixes implemented.

Version 1.0.28 - 03/06/2012

  • Fixed bug in Move Events code that could happen when the main Event Table was collapsed due to Filtering or Type selection being applied.

  • Fixed bug that could cause the utility to save it's settings in the old project location if the user chose to relocated the project using the Vegas Save As, instead of Save.

  • Changed the way Event Grid Media Type filtering is selected, and added several new filters and support for filter expressions.

  • Fixed bug related to searching for duplicate media names or duplicate media files.

  • Reduced the amount of Event Grid flicker that sometimes occurred when a new Event has been selected in the Timeline.

Version 1.0.27 - 02/23/2012

  • Fixed bug in Track Tools Gap / Overlap search option.

  • Events arranged on the Timeline using the Track Tools options for adjusting Gaps, Overlap, Size and Fade, now moves related Envelope Points if the "Lock Envelope Points to Events" option is enabled.

  • Gap adjustment has been given its own entry field making it easier to layout Events applying both Gaps and Fade In/Out settings.

  • The "Add Bus Track Options to Selected Events" menu selection in the Main Event Grid has been changed to "Add Points to Selected Events".   The menu name was changed because its functionality has been enhanced.  This option can now add Points to Envelopes on ALL Tracks.  Not just a Video or Audio Bus Track.

  • Fixed bug that could sometimes cause the Project Notes editor toolbar to disappear.

  • Fixed a bug that could have interfered with laying out the grid columns when displaying the results of an applied search filter.

  • Added code to prevent the user from trying to launch an external media editor on missing media or Vegas generated content like text events.

Version 1.0.26 - 02/16/2012

  • Added option to only Match Output Aspect Ratio of selected Events that contain Wide Media.   Landscape mode vs. Portrait mode images.

  • Added program option to "Lock Envelope Points to Events".   This behaves similar to the Vegas "Lock Envelopes to Events" toolbar option when Timeline Tools moves Events.

Version 1.0.25 - 02/07/2012

  • Added the new Project Notes feature to Timeline Tools.  See the Users Guide for details.

Version 1.0.24 - 02/02/2012

  • Updated Timeline Tools Users Guide.  Updated guide to reflect current state of the program.  Removed obsolete sections.

Version 1.0.24 - 02/01/2012

  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in a previous release.  This prevented the audio event of a grouped A/V clip from being moved along with the video event.

Version 1.0.23 - 02/01/2012

  • Changed the keystroke that adds the highlighted events in the Event Table to the move list, from Shift-Tilde, to just the Tilde (~) key.

  • Fixed popup context menu item that allowed deletion of selected PlugIn chain entry.

  • Fixed bug that caused the event grid highlight to be set one row ahead of the row being double-clicked.

  • Enhanced Random Transition feature for better control.

  • Added feature to add points to an A/V Bus track that brackets each selected Event in the selected Track.

  • Added option to make the Vegas cursor track the selected Point in the Track Extras Tab.

  • Added ability to Delete selected Points in the selected Track and Envelope in the Track Extras Tab.

  • Added ability to Select Events that exist on the timeline as selected points in the selected track envelope.

  • Added ability to filter Points in the list based on a selectable value comparison.

Version 1.0.22 - 12/06/2011

  • Added the ability to edit and shift Points in the Video and Audio Bus Tracks in the Track Extras Tab.

  • Added button that refreshes the list of available Tracks in the Track Extras Tab.

Version 1.0.21 - 12/02/2011

  • Added Track Column to Event display table.

  • Added "All Video Tracks" and "All Audio Tracks" selections to the drop-down list of Tracks displayed in the Event Table.   These show up in the drop-down list if more than one Video or Audio Track is present.

  • Fixed Gap Search bug that could result in searching for Gaps in the wrong track.

  • Fixed Gap Search bug that failed to initiate search if Vegas Cursor position was already in a Gap.

  • Fixed bug in "Shift Points to Cursor" feature when shifting Event Envelope Points, instead of Track Envelope Points.

  • Event Table "Size" column will now display the Length of an Audio Event, if an Audio Track is selected.

  • Added Track Tools option to ignore removal of a leading gap that may exist before the first Event on a Track

Version 1.0.20 - 11/11/2011

  • Added the ability to edit Move-List entries.

  • Added option to open the File Location of selected Event Media.

  • Added automatic Project Save feature.

  • Changed the default state of the startup option that checks for a newer version of the software, to OFF.  This lets the program load slightly faster.

  • Fixed a few minor issues related to help text and spelling.

  • Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow Veterans.   Gary James SSGT, U.S. Air Force 1969 - 1972.  U-Tapao AFB Thailand, 1970 - 1971.

Version 1.0.19 - 11/03/2011

  • Added ability to transfer cursor positions in the Cursor Stack, to the Move-List as Events.

  • Added the ability to Edit the Move-List.

  • Fixed some minor bugs that caused the Event table horizontal scroll bar to disappear if focus was moved away from Vegas by clicking on another program, and then it was returned to Vegas.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Events to be added to the Move-List in reverse order if they were added from the selection in the Event table context menu.

Version 1.0.18 - 10/28/2011

  • Added feature that allows Track or Event envelope points to be shifted directly to the Vegas Cursor location on the timeline.   This allows accurate repositioning of envelope points with a mouse single click.

  • Added button to the Cursor Stack control group to allow deletion of all entries in the Cursor Stack.

  • Added a status message line to the bottom of the Timeline Tools window.

Version 1.0.17 - 10/20/2011

  • I just received the latest release of Sony Vegas Pro v11.0.   Timeline Tools needed a few small modifications to maintain compatibility.  Version 11.0 added new groupings to items displayed in the Video FX and Transitions tabs.

  • Fixed bug that could cause Timeline Tools to take an exceptionally long time to load if the open Vegas project contained many event groups, with hundreds of events in each group.

Version 1.0.16 - 10/18/2011

  • Added ability to include Transitions to the PlugIn Chain configuration.

  • Added feature to generate and apply Random Transitions to all, or selected Events.

  • Fixed a few small bugs to make operation consistent and easier to use.

  • Added feature that supports exporting the contents of the Event grid to a text file.

Version 1.0.15 - 10/07/2011

  • Fixed bug related to editing and deleting External Audio / Video tools.

  • Fixed bug that prevented Audio track Plug-Ins from displayed in the main Event grid.

  • Added option to display Video Event media size in main Event grid.

  • Added Support for adding Transitions to the PlugIn Chain configuration.

  • Added feature to add Random Transitions to Events.

Version 1.0.14 - 10/02/2011

  • Fixed bug that caused the utility to re-position the Vegas cursor after it was set by the user.  This only happened if a different track was selected in the utility than where the user click-on in the timeline.

Version 1.0.13 - 09/27/2011

  • Changed the Timeline Tools state machine to recognize saving a new Project when starting from an empty Project.

  • Added Track Selection Lock.   If enabled, all Track selection controls follow the setting on the Track Event Into Tab.

  • Fixed bug that did not restore the selected track when the utility was opened.

  • Fixed bug that might cause a lockup in Vegas if a new Track was added, then immediately deleted.

Version 1.0.12 - 09/16/2011

  • Changed the way Events are moved using the Move List.  The change cleared up some confusion, and made the task easier.

Version 1.0.11 - 09/15/2011

  • Fixed bugs in Event Move feature.  Move now supports moving Events that are both ahead and behind
    the target Event location.  Previously this had to be done in two passes.

  • Fixed bugs in Markers & FX feature.  Exported Markers were not being directed to the project directory, and had the wrong name.

  • The keyboard 'Insert" key can be used to add the currently highlighted Event table item to the Cursor Stack.

  • The Move Events feature has been enhanced with the edition of a Move Event List.  This makes it much easier
    to move multiple Events that are widely scattered across a large Project containing hundreds or thousands of small Events.

Version 1.0.10 - 09/06/2011

  • Fixed bugs in Event Move feature.  

  • Added options to control interaction of Cursor Stack and selecting Events in the main grid.

  • Normal view is now always restored on startup.  This could cause confusion if nothing is displayed.

Version 1.0.9 - 08/24/2011

  • Added option to automatically check for updated version available when Timeline Tools is opened in Sony Vegas.

Version 1.0.8 - 08/24/2011

  • Fixed bug in Event Table Move and Reverse event features.   Was picking up the wrong Track selection for operation to be performed on.

Version 1.0.7 - 08/17/2011

  • Fixed bugs in Track Extras Tab Envelope Points List.  The "Shift by Seconds" option did not properly format the list of Points.

Version 1.0.6 - 08/16/2011

  • Added column in Event Table - and associated display option switch - to show Event Locked state.

  • Fixed bugs in Markers & FX Tab that applied changes to an Events Pan / Crop and FX settings.

  • Added code that ignores Locked Events that are selected to be moved.

Version 1.0.5 - 08/15/2011

  • Rebuilt the program following a hard disk crash.

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