Button Bar

The button bar consists of several buttons located across the top of the main display grid.  Each button is sized and positioned as a header for the grid column just below it.  Each button gives you access to the editors for the database parts shown on the button.  Right-click the mouse while it's positioned over the button, and select the menu item that starts the editor.

In the example shown above, the mouse is positioned over the Conversion Kits button.  This editor allows you to make additions, deletions, and changes to the Conversion Kits in the XL650 database.

Additionally, there are editors that allow you to add, delete and change the database for the loose parts used to make up conversion kits.

Each button behaves differently if it is Clicked, or Right-Clicked.   Right clicking each button produces a popup menu where different actions can be performed.  For example, Right-Clicking the Funnels button produces the popup menu shown:

From this popup menu you can choose to display Help on the Funnel Parts editor, or bring up the Funnel database Editor.   Right-Clicking on the Conversion Kits button produces the following popup menu:

This menu also lets you display help or bring up the Conversion Kit database editor.  It also lets you perform a query operation that will display all the calibers you can reload using the Kits and Parts you have marked as being owned.

NOTE: When you Left-Click the Conversion Kits button, the main display list is restored from any previous query.   Remember, restoring the list does NOT remove any actions applied to the list from the View menu Filter settings.  If only Pistol calibers are enabled due to a filter selection, restoring the list will still only show pistol caliber kits.

When you Left-Click a Part button, the list will be filtered to only show caliber conversion Kits that share that same part.  For example, if you select the .22 Rem Jet caliber from the list.

Then you click on the Shellplate button:

The list is filtered, only showing those calibers that use the same #13430 Shellplate used in the .22 Rem Jet Kit.   Left-Click the Conversion Kits button to restore the list to its un-filtered full list.