Today, the Auto Ordnance Corporation of West Hurley, NY. is a company that has expanded its product line to include Submachine guns, Tommy gun patterned semi-auto rifles, M1911A1 pistols, and a host of spare parts and accessories.

For Export and Law Enforcement sales only, A.O. produces the M1927A-5 semi-auto pistol, and the M1928 and M1 Thompson sub machineguns. They also have high capacity box magazines from 15 to 30 rounds, and drum magazines in 50 and 100 round capacities.

For domestic sales, they have three versions of a Tommy Gun styled semi-auto rifle; the 1927A-1, 1927A-1C, and M1 semi-auto. They also have a limited number of pre-ban high capacity box magazines and a 10 round drum (yes drum) magazine that simulates the look of the original Tommy Gun.

In keeping with John Thompsons association with the development of the .45 cal. pistol cartridge, Auto Ordnance Corp. produces a line of M1911A1 pistols that are available in several models with a variety of configurations, calibers and finishes that are all made in the United States. Magazines are available in capacities up to the legal 10 round limit.

Owners of Thompson sub machineguns, new or old, can find a wide assortment of parts and accessories in the Auto Ordnance catalog. GI slings, belts and magazine pouches can be found among other items such as a violin carrying case and engraved cigarette lighters and coffee cups.

For more information about the Auto Ordnance Corporation, or to order a full color catalog, contact:

Auto Ordnance Corporation
West Hurley, NY. 12491
Tel: (914) 679-7225
Fax: (914) 679-2698

Notice:  Effective February 1, 1999, Auto Ordnance Corporation has been sold to Kahr Arms.   For additional information regarding this sale, refer to either the Kahr Arms or Auto Ordnance Corp. Web Sites. or

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