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 [Pearl Harbor Photos ]  Photos taken at Pearl Harbor Dec 7th, 1941

Many TSMG'sTommy Guns
Model 1921A with 100 round "C" drum magazineLink to larger version of picture
Combat TV series linkCombat!. Although not primarily about Thompsons, it sparked my Tommy Gun passion!
Guns of the Dillinger GangWeapons of the John Dillinger Gang
M1A1 Thompson Pulse RifleAlien problems? You need a Marine Pulse Rifle of the Future.
Vietnam War Thompson The M1A1 Thompson was still in use during the Vietnam War

3D CAD image of model M1928A1 with 100 round "C" drum - No Stock.

3D CAD image of model M1928A1 with stock.
M1 Thompson 3D CAD drawing
3D CAD image of model M1 Thompson with 30 Rnd box mag.
3D Animated Thompson in action
3D Animated Thompson AVI file.   This 869k file self extracts to 1.5 meg.
Western Firearms' Thompson CollectionA friend's enviable collection of Thompsons.  This is the results of his 15 year effort.
Thanks to Grahm NivenWest Hurley Models 1928 and M1A1 Thompsons
Thanks to Grahm NivenBritish Savage Thompson with vertical foregrip.
Thanks to Grahm NivenM1A1 Thompson.
WWII PosterWWII Poster. Paratrooper with Thompson.
WWII PosterWWII Poster. Not a Tommy Gun, but I like Browning Machineguns too.
A Marine of the 1st Marine Division draws a bead on a Japanese sniper with his Tommy Gun as his companion ducks for cover. The division is working to take Wana Ridge before the town of Shuri. Okinawa, 1945
Shorty Thompson modified in Brazil. (Sorry, only photo available)
WWII Recruting Poster  Thompson submachine gun
Thompson Drum Magazines from the Dale Wiles Collection.  This is a picture of Dale's collection of Colt "C" Drums. All six of the 100 round drums are original 1921 Colt "C" drums. It is the labor of years of collecting and scrounging. Two of the four "L" drums at the bottom are New York Drums. One is a First Series "L" Drum, the other is a 3rd Series "L" Drums (The two drums on the bottom left). The other two "L" drums on the Bottom Right, are West Hurley "L" drums. The gun is a Colt Thompson, model of 1921A.