This is the first issue of the new format for the Thompson Collectors Newsletter. Previous issue were published on a monthly basis. From now on the newsletter will be printed on a quarterly basis with increased number of pages. The reasons for this change are many. The first, is the desire on my part to publish a newsletter of a better print quality. With this new style the TCA can afford to use a more expensive type of printing and achieve better photos and print quality.

Secondly, the availability of more pages per issue will allow me to use some longer quality articles which just did not work too well with only seven pages of text. So look for new informational article to start appearing on some very good research new to all collectors.

Finally, it will allow me more time to create the newsletter. The time requirements for this newsletter are considerable. It has been my honor to publish this newsletter for over twelve years. However my time is now limited with two young children under foot, my job (yes, I do have to work to pay for this hobby!), and all of the TCA activities like hosting the show in August and TCA public displays. While I am no longer the President of TCA (Tom Woods has taken over that load of work, Thank God) the amount of time I have free is very limited and rare. I have a wife, Donna, who has supported all of my hobby activities without question (well not too many) and I think I owe her some time and I wish to spend time with my family.