Thompson Anti-bandit Guns are so favorably known that it is now possible to sell them by personal calls and presentation of sales literature. In such cases, it is well to point out that this gun is made by the well-known Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, and has back of it the ironclad Colt guarantee for quality and workmanship, which has been adopted by the Auto-Ordnance Corporation. It is also to be noted that the is gun has been adopted by hundreds of police forces throughout the country, as well as many sheriffs in every state. The military models have been adopted by many foreign countries, including our own United States Marines and our Navy.

For police purposes, it is not intended that the Thompson displace the revolver or pistol. The latter are for pocket use and hand to hand fighting. The Thompson gun is mostly used by police for motor patrols where an arm aimed from the shoulder with large magazine capacity and capable of being rapidly fired with great accuracy is much superior and safer to use than a pistol or a shotgun with its scatter effect.  Again, authorities are often called upon to stop high powered bandit cars. The Thompson gun can completely destroy such a car in the short space of a few seconds where a single fleeting shot from a shotgun or pistol. would not do the work, as has been proved many times in the past. The Thompson is also valuable where those on the side of law and order are apt to be outnumbered. It is useful in the case of a "tipped off" job. Bandits will not offer resistance to those who are known to possess a Thompson. If' the authorities are equipped with the same type-weapons as the bandits, the latter are often inclined "to shoot it out"  The Thompson  gun is also very useful against armed criminals behind barricades and for making an attack on strong points occupied by dangerous criminals or bandits. .The use of the Thompson by sheriffs is very similar to that of the police, and it also includes its use by wardens of jails as well,. Here are some testimonials: