My father, three years service with the U.S. Army and fourteen years service with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, first as a trooper and then as a sergeant, taught me everything I thought I needed to know about how to clean and protect my guns.

After a long day of hunting recently, a very knowledgeable acquaintance of mine surprised me by pulling out a mysterious gun cleaning product. He not only cleaned his bore and lockwork with it, but proceeded to wipe it all over the stock of his very expensive imported shotgun!  There goes that beautiful, hand-rubbed natural oil finish I thought. Not at all, he assured me, "This stuffs a miracle..."

Having spent the last twenty-two years as a trial attorney, I had seen and heard my share of wild, unfounded, and just plain untrue claims. But what he told me turned out to be true. The product is called Clenzoil Field & Range, and I have to tell you, it has changed the way I clean and care for valuable firearms. What I assumed would be a routine gun cleaning session that day turned into a Post Graduate course in gun care, and I'm grateful it did.

Clenzoil Field & Range has been around a long time. It just hasn't been advertised or marketed until quite recently, To those who knew about it, it was like being in a secret club. It truly is a one-step bore cleaner lubricant-protectant, great for lock, stock, and barrel. It is the only cleaner I've ever encountered that is also great on wood and leather, Yeah, I know, it starts sounding like snake oil, but once you've tried Clenzoil, it's quite likely you'll never return to whatever you used to think was the greatest. Clenzoil doesn't swell wood stocks, and refuses to draw dirt up the end-grain, where the stock and receiver meet. It doesn't rot leather, like most petroleum-based products. It nourishes leather holsters, slings, and scabbards, making even relics look like new.

I tracked down Jack FitzGerald, the President of The Clenzoil Worldwide Corporation in Westlake, Ohio. First, he challenged me. "Larry," he said, "Before we even talk about Clenzoil, do us both a favor. Take any clean gun in your collection. Clean it again with Clenzoil. Then get back to me and we'll talk".  I did what he suggested, and was astounded. The amount of dirt and crud that Clenzoil can pull out of a seemingly clean gun is amazing.

Back on the phone with FitzGerald, he explained, "I can tell you it's a great product, or I can have you prove it to yourself. Of course I'm gonna say it's the best -I sell the stuff-. The important thing, Larry, is what do you think?  I told him how impressed I was with Clenzoil's performance. FitzGerald commented, "When folks try this product, no matter what type of gun they shoot -pistols, rifles, shotguns, full auto- you name it, they become instant fans and ask, 'where's this stuff been all my life?' For a small company, such as ours, getting people, especially dealers, to try the product is our biggest challenge. Once they do, they're usually hooked! We don't have wide retail distribution yet, but we're adding dealers almost daily. Customers who can't find it yet in their local shop are burning up our website and 1-800-OIL-IT-UP."

For a small company, Clenzoil Worldwide hasn't been doing too badly. ArmaLite Inc. began using Clenzoil on its production line two years ago. Every ArmaLite gun is treated inside and out with Clenzoil before it leaves the factory.  Several police departments have switched to Clenzoil, and noted small bore shotgun authority Bill Hanus has recommended the product in several shooting magazines. He feels so strongly about Clenzoil, he includes a bottle with each imported Bill Hanus Birdgun he sells.