Here is something that I think every Thompson collector needs and can own. Even if you live in Hawaii and California. A company by the name of Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd., has introduced two different one to one scale models of the Thompson.

The Model of 1921AC is an all plastic model that fires a 6 mm round plastic ball "pellet. " This spring powered version will throw the ball easily 50 feet at a pretty good velocity. The markings on the gun are the same as a COLT Thompson. However, the US Customs requires the Colt markings to be stuck out, but usually they are still very readable. These models will make an outstanding wall hanger or will allow the guns to be used in real FBI hardcases for display. 

You never have to worry about these Thompsons rusting in the case and they will make wonderful displays. Plus, they are fun to shoot. Retail cost is $160.