Here is the book that everyone needs who is involved with the Thompson, even if your specialty is not the gangster era. Because most of us are asked about this time period, and most of us are not "experts", this book is perfect.

The book is written by TCN members William Helmer and Rick Mattix. They have taken the gangster era from 1919-1940 and put it into a book that is easy to read and more importantly easy to use as a quick reference guide. The book is divided into three sections. The first section, is in the form of an alphabetical biographical listing of all known hoods. The second section tells the story of the times and organizations. The final section gives a chronological listing of all the activities for quick reference. Then the bibliography and indexes provide all of the necessary details for finding everything. This book is a must!!

This book is offered in both hardback ($40 autographed contact RICK MATTIX, 701 JACKSON, BUSSEY, IOWA 50044) or paperback for $18.00 from Facts On File News 212-967-9196.

Auto-Ordnance News!!!!! The Auto-Ordnance Company of West Hurley, New York has been sold to a new company; Kahr Arms Company of Blauvelt, NY (914-353-7770). There is no word as to what Kahr plans to do with the new acquisition.

Editors Note: You can visit either the Kahr Arms, or the Auto Ordnance Corp. Web Sites for further information.  www.kahr.com or www.auto-ordnance.com.

Finally many of you have enjoyed the TALES OF THE GUN series which included an episode of the Thompson. This series is now the highest rated show ever produced by Greystone Productions. There is still a six week waiting list for the Thompson tape, whereas all of the other shows are in stock. Pretty damn GOOD.

Well now there is a follow on program called Gangster Guns. This new show is to air for the first time April 11th. So set your VCRs, especially if you are going to Knob Creek that weekend. This episode features the TCN members, the reenactores groups from Texas, Keith White, Historians Rick Cartledge and Jim Ballou. So watch for it guys!!!!!