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This is our association's new logo, to separate us from the rest of the world. We should be very proud of this logo and it's meaning. The center of the logo is the Combined Operations insignia from World War 11. The logo was used by many countries and services to designate special operational groups and people (i.e.; The Commandos). This logo was also used by the United States for special amphibian units in the Navy and special forces in the Army.

The logo was used once again during the Desert Storm Operations by the British military. The logo could be seen on the speakers podium during the British General's briefings. This same logo was applied to the medals awarded to British service personnel who served in Desert Storm.

In other words this logo was given to people who had special status and who were the best in a given field. That is why we are using it, because I think that the Thompson is the Cadillac of the machine gun community. I also think that the Thompson collector is a very special breed of person and we all seem to share a love of the gun and its history, no matter if it is a prototype or a production gun. Let's face it.... if we don't preserve the history who will? So take pride in your association and hobby.