Pictured above is the fixture used to check the threads on the barrel for the receiver end. This also allows checking of the barrels qualifying mark, which has to align with the line on the receiver for proper headspacing.


The Thompson Collectors Association has offered the NRA to host the 13th National Gun Collectors Leadership Seminar in Columbus, Ohio. The NRA has accepted assuming we become an "Affiliated" club of the NRA. That paper-work is completed and it has been approved by the NRA. As part of this the Thompson Collectors Association now has formal officers, directors and by laws. The associations officers and directors are as follows:

President - Tracie L. Hill, Vice President - William Douglas (Dunedin, FI), Secretary - Walter T. Woods (Indianapolis, IN), Treasurer - L.J. Warren (Columbus, GA), Board of Directors B. Sutton Coffman (Newark, OH), Chuck Klein (Philadelphia, PA), William Menosky (Wallingford, Conn.) and Lee Wolfe (Perkiomenville, PA). The TCA's annual meeting will be held in Newark, Ohio on August 18-19, 2000.

With this said and done we will be hosting the Leadership Conference in Columbus, Ohio on August 23-27, 2000. These meetings are attended by the most active collectors organizations in the country. It will be a great way of putting our best foot forward. As I have told most of you as a class 3 collectors organization we have to do things better than anyone else, just to be considered for being on the same level as other collector groups. Here is a chance to put a friendly informative face on our TCA and hobby.

Here is where I need every members help. I need every member to seriously consider attending this conference and acting as hosts, range officers, lecturers, and good will ambassadors. I would like to have at least twenty members of TCA in attendance. I deliberately put our annual meeting the weekend before the conference so more members could attend. We will also need additional funding from the members. We cannot fund this on the $15 per year that members pay for the newsletter. If I had just $20 from each member of the TCA, we could probably fund the conference. So crack open your wallets, this is only the cost of two boxes of ammo. So how about it? Those interested in helping write to me at P.O. Box 8710, Newark, Ohio or call 740-587-0755 H or 345-9777 Work.