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As I sit here trying to decide what to talk about I am slowly coming to the conclusion that we as an organization need help. I have members call me and tell me that we need more functions that members can attend. We will probably loose the show in Kingman, Az, due to apathy of members. For those few who have attended this show THANKS! For everyone else shame on you. This is a wonderful event. The Kingman Club that owns the range, has been kind enough to be home to the shooting events, is a top notch facility. I only wish I had such a range around here. I don’t understand why the membership in the western US will not support this event. They are some of the most vocal about wanting more events.

Since most members have no idea the amount of work it takes to set up a show and shoot, just let me say that Don Hall deserves better attendance than what we as a club provide. So get out there and attend or lose a great opportunity and education.

Finally, my family and I have returned from several research trips and we have found all kinds of new information. I will be trying to get it into the TCN as soon as possible. It is still amazing to me that new information can still be coming in from all points of the compass. It is incredible!