After the last Thompson Show in August is was mentioned that the Thompson Collectors should hold other shoots or activities. We currently hold two shoots, one in August in Newark, OH and the other in October in Kingman, AZ. What I want to know from you, the organization, is what you would like to see done.


The first question is what other events would you like to have and attend?

Second question is that I have been asked to come up with a club logo. What would you like to see as a logo? Below are some suggestions, but we are not limited to these choices if someone comes up with a better one.

So give me some feed back. I expect to hear from people. It is time to wake up and be counted.

All of these logos can have the statement Thompson Collectors Assoc. surrounding the logo. All of these logos can be done in color. We cannot use the logos for Auto-Ordnance that are copyrighted. Some may like the look of the gun and shooter, while others may want a more private logo like the Combined Ops logo. So lets hear your votes.