I purchased one of these Buffer Technologies M1928 TSMG buffers. A $14.95 piece of plastic worth 15 cents, with a hole in it. What a rip-off!

Producing a '28 buffer must have been an afterthought with these people. The company brochure that accompanied the purchase unwittingly provided proof of this. It clearly illustrates the embarrassing fact that Buffer Tech's "TSMG buffer" is nothing more than a slightly modified knockoff of a buffer the company makes for the Ruger Mini- 14 rifle!

Worse still, their buffer will not fit inside a TSMG receiver unless it is turned sideways. You d think that for $15, they could at least cut and shape the darned thing to properly fit.

I'm almost afraid to shoot my gun with this buffer. A full-auto Thompson is a far cry from a semiauto Mini-14.

I intend to make the factory aware of my misgivings, but, at this point, I couldn't recommend this product to any TSMG owner.

(Slicing off the two appendages from one end of the Mini-14 buffer "transforms" it into a TSMG buffer....... or so they say.)


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