In 1862, Old Bob Lee lead his outnumbered army into Maryland. A Unionist wrote in her diary, "What lean and hungry wolves they are. I wish they were ours!" On September 17,1862, the men of the First Texas, Longstreet's Corp, entered the cornfield at Sharpsburg (Antietam to those of other climes). Murderous fire inflicted 82% casualties on the heroic Texans, the war' s greatest loss by any unit on either side. Hostile fire cut one standard bearer after another from under the flag of Texas. Each time, another heroic Texan hoisted and advanced the banner. Finally seven standard bearers fell and their cherished banner fell into enemy hands.

In April 1997, Machine Gun News fell. When it crashed to earth it seemed that the banner of the Title 2 world had fallen. We would have no forum. As the learned Paul Callahan once stated, "We are engaged in a battle of ideas that the other side will eventually lose because they are wrong!" Dan Shea, Jeff Zimba, and a group of investors picked up the fallen banner like the Texans in the cornfield. They founded "The Small Arms Review." They assembled a professional staff and placed telephone calls to writers. The Usual Suspects agreed to write for the new magazine with this one giving the Graham Greene - esque "This gun's for hire." Within four months, the staff at Moose Lake Publishing put a magazine on the street that we can all take pride in.

As a mission statement, Dan and Jeff wished to expand the coverage while concentrating on the Class 3 world. The magazine carries articles on specialized rifles, shotguns, and pistols as well as Class 3 weapons. Readers can expect expanded coverage of suppressed weapons and SBR' s by such esteemed writers as Al Paulson, Mark White, and Dr. Phillip Dater. Dan Shea reprises his "Raffica" column. James Bardwell and Basil St. Clair cover "The Legal Side." Readers will also enjoy the fine work of other members of SAR' s Order of Battle - - Dutch Hillenburg, Jim Ballou, Capt. Monty Mendenhall, and Frank lannamico. You may also remain confident that this writer will contribute a word or two.

Those interested in subscribing may contact SAR on the internet. You may down load a subscription blank at or telephone 207-683-2959. For those interested in the first paragraph, it comes from Eakin Press and is written and illustrated by Texas District Attorney Alan K. Sumrall. He titled this intriguing book "Battle Flag 5 of Texas in the Confederacy". Eakin Press, also the home of Sid Underwood's biography of Clyde Barrow partner "Raymond Hamilton", awaits your call at 512-288-1771