With sadness I read in the October '96 issue that the Western Thompson Show and Shoot was postponed and it's future is in jeopardy. Since attending the first one in '95, I remember it as being a day full of fun shootin' in the wide open spaces of Arizona.

The camaraderie and openness of the attendees reminded me of my first trip to the Ohio Show, only Arizona has a beautiful desert with a hundred mile view in every direction!!!!

The First Western Thompson Show was included in the 50th Anniversary celebration of Kingman Airport's extremely important role in the training of WW II bomber crews. Our nine table display was warmly received by the public. Drawing no negative reactions from anyone; only friendliness and curiosity! The Thompson Shoot, held at the Mohave Sportsmen's Club, was well attended and lots of fun. The facilities are neat and clean with excellent loudspeaker systems and plenty of room to shoot.

I was told by Don Hall that the second shoot in '96 would have been better than the first. Everyone in the community, from the city fathers to gun club members, were extremely cooperative and anxious to host the next event. The subsequent cancellation came as a surprise. Lack of response from Western TSMG owners/shooters being the culprit!!!!!!

With this in mind, some questions arise: Are we in the West too tired or unable to get time off of work to show and shoot our prized possessions? Are we too broke and unable to afford a trip to Kingman, AZ? Are we paranoid and afraid to show our collections? Maybe we're jaded and just not interested!

Personally I like the idea of a Western Show and Shoot. For one thing, coming from the "left coast" I have fewer miles to travel. Another is that I can bring all my Thompson stuff and have a great display.

I've heard that the East and West show dates are too close together. Perhaps a 4-6 month recuperation period would be in order. Other "scuttle butt" is that some TSMG owners would rather stay out of the public eye and "remain within their own ranks" so to speak. Still another "excuse" has been that we Western U.S. "Upstarts", being the unsettled, restless types have way too much attention focused on us already ! ! ! ! (Feds looking for bombers, etc.)

Whatever the reasons, legitimate or imagined, it would be a real loss to have Don Hall give up on what could prove to be a very positive and fun annual get together where East meets West.

THAT'S IT!!!!! An East vs. West TSMG Shooting Match. Who could resist such a challenge? Can you see it? The West, like the rancher in the old Thompson poster, mowing down the banditos. The East, like the Chicago mobsters, mowing each other down ! !! (What an imagination.) Come on you cowpokes, show yer stuff on the firing line. Are you gonna let them city slickers take all the trophies? And you "Hoods" from the East; we hear yer' fraid ta leave the city limits!!! Ha Ha

Now, here is the clincher (if all that insulting doesn't work.) EVERYBODY in the shoot ponies up some dough and the top shooters split the kitty. So simple it's got to work!! Sounds good to me.

Come One, Come All, a real challenge with high stakes! Defend the honor of your state! Win Prizes and Fame!!! p.s.- Don't forget, be there with all your Thompson stuff, like Hill says: "BE PROUD OF YOUR HOBBY!!"


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