Scam ad for De-Milled 1928 Thompson

FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!

Many readers have seen this ad in a couple of "junk" catalogues, reporting to sell you a "De-Milled" 1928 Thompson like the ones the gangsters used. BULL ..........!!!!!!!!!

I sent for one of these "100% real and genuine" guns. I was not expecting a Colt gun, but I was looking for a military 1928. I was curious to find out how they were "De-Milled". It is my understanding that the official ATF definition of an unregistered de-mill is cutting the receiver into small pieces.

When I called the company to find out more information, I was told by the operator that the guns were de-milled by welding a block of aluminum into the receiver. This was going to be interesting, welding aluminum to steel receivers.

What I received was a crudely machined block of aluminum, spray painted black receiver with a horizontal forearm, L Type rear sighted, worm eaten wood piece of junk. This ad is fraud. Needless to say I shipped this "thing" back the same day I received it. Don't waste your time!!!!!!!

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