My Colts were displayed with the shoulder patches from their respective Police Departments. That Cleveland Police Department patch started many conversations. Several current, and former, Cleveland officers came to the display, asked where was the Cleveland gun, and began to tell me stories. Two of them have promised photographs of #147 and its five brothers and sisters along with the officers who carried the guns. One former officer, who served from 1944 until his retirement in 1979 came up to me and asked if I owned the Cleveland gun. I replied that I did. He asked which one I had and I said #147. He looked at the table and recognized it without checking serial numbers. He had been the Armorer for Cleveland beginning in 1950. We talked for some time. He visited the table several times that day. He was a neat guy. When the photos arrive I'd like to share them with those of you on the Newsletter.

Another older gentleman who new E.E. Richardson, shot with him at Camp Perry and won Thompson competitions, also talked with us. He should prove to be a wealth of information for Tracie and his Richardson research. Everyday that passes makes research on Thompsons difficult. We are, unfortunately, losing those who can furnish first hand information.

Another true friend of the Thompson, Ms. Sylvia Davis of the Abele-Davis Corporation in Cleveland, visited with us. Last year Ms. Davis donated to my personal collection a Thompson manual (1936) which had been the personal property of Lieutenant Michael Roth. Lieutenant Roth was the Ordnance Officer for the Cleveland Police Department for many years and was responsible for their Thompsons. She was happy to see the manual and #147 reunited. I can name one other person who it made happy. I shall forever be in her debt.

The other displays were beautiful. I felt a Best of Show Award, based upon our competition, would be an honor. The decision was made by the members of OGCA voting, not a committee. The decision would be announced at a banquet which was held that night at the IX Center. I have been to a lot of buffets at meetings and did not expect much. Those folks really put on the feedbag. If anyone left that place still hungry their lips were wired shut. I was impressed and that's a compliment coming from a professional eater.

WWII MAGS AND DRUMS ON DISPLAYWhen the banquet closed at about 9:30 P.M. (I told you it was a long day) we had taken the Best of Show Award (First Place). That made the long days and the long trip worthwhile. I had a good time and was glad I had made the trip. Imelda Gail also had a good time. She and Donna had arrived later in the day. There was some conversation about shoes. I did not ask questions. I'll wait for the surprise on the credit card statement.

Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday. More awe struck people viewing our display. Many of the visitors both days remarked about how impressive it was. Some are now members of our Newsletter. Others asked about purchasing Thompsons. One man remarked we probably had more Thompsons than the U.S. Army. He did not realize how right he was.

So now, are you sorry you missed this show? Want another chance? I'll let you in on a secret. The NRA is holding a show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the weekend of August 8-10th, 1997. Thompson: The American Legend will be there. So should you.

Pittsburgh will not satisfy you like the Sixth Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot can. It's not too late to register but it needs to be done as soon as possible after you read this. The deadline is June 30, 1997, even though Tracie said June 31st. I'd like to see #6 be better and bigger than #5 was last year. It's also not too late to complete your travel papers for the Sixth Annual which will be held August 15th and 16th, 1997 in Newark, Ohio.

As I have stated before, I'll be happy to answer questions or assist with any paperwork you need to do. I can be reached Monday through Friday at (706)596-7180 (0800 until 1600 hours, Eastern time). The work address is:

Sergeant L.J. Warren
Columbus Police Department
Auto Theft Unit
510 10th Street
Columbus, GA 31901


If you need to call in the evenings (no later than 9:30 P.M. PLEASE), I may be reached at (706)327-4200. It's our hobby. WE can make it better than it is if We all support it and WE ALL DO OUT PART. Take care and I hope to see all of you soon.

P.S. Don't be guilty of missing IT a second time. Thanks!!



Note From The Editor's Wife: Ladies out there, please come to the Sixth Annual Shoot and Show. Those who have been coming for a few years have built a friendship. We have our own fun - putting the men and their Thompsons aside. We would welcome more ladies in our little "support group". This show is very purposely a woman friendly event because the editor's wife tires of going along on gun trips only to be bored silly and uncomfortable. You are welcome even if your man doesn't want to come. We would love to teach some more women our tricks of how to live with a Thompson Collector. A new feature this year will be a weight training session so that we can survive carrying 5 cases of ammo on our backs to the gun range. (Just kidding!!!)

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