Anyone with an interest in Thompsons reworked at the Rock Island Arsenal should purchase the June 1997 (Volume 19, Number 3) issue of Man At Arms magazine. An outstanding article appears in this issue written by Kris Leinicke, Curator of Collections at Rock Island. The article is not aimed at Thompsons in particular, but all arms reworked by RI during the Second World War. The article goes into detail of the faclities and inspectors. The personal histories of the inspectors, whose marks appear on guns of the period, are of great interest to collectors. Also included in the article is a listing of "Small Arms Overhauled and Modified At Rock Island Arsenal - March 1940-June 1958". This listing of firearms is an important step to documenting the history of many collectable firearms (including Thompson).

To order a copy contact Man At Arms Mag. at POB 460, Lincoln, RI 02865-0460, or call (401) 726-8011. hours 9am to 5pm est.


This photo was sent in with the interesting markings. The "U.S. Navy - Model of 1928" markings are bracketed with parenthesis. Also, the markings "CAL 45 M1928" are added to the end of the first line of the rear descriptions.

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