The key on the top of the grip mount locks into a notch on the shoulder of the barrel. With this feature the barrel is head spaced correctly and is easily removed. With the grip mount removed, the barrel is unscrewed with only mild hand pressure. This would have been a great feature to have had on the production guns.

With this design the entire gun can be disassembled into individual parts in about ten minutes. This design is very simple and seems to have been a sturdy design, judging by the wear and tear on the gun. With this design the gun has a rate of fire of over 1500 rounds per minute. This would have been an interesting gun to fire.


Veeders' mailbox

The Frontgate Estate Mailbox--
55 pounds of vandal-proof steel,
maintenance free and virtually indestructible.

This is the original Veeders'' Mailbox, the toughest mailbox in existence, a true engineering masterpiece. Whether you select super-strength type 304 non-corroding stainless or USS Corten 10 gauge steel it is built like a tank to withstand anything short of war. We've watched this Mailbox survive countless assaults from baseball bats M-80s, even a Thompson .45 caliber Machine gun at 20 yards. Mischief minded vandals can't break off the door which travels on two 5/16 inch hardened hinges until it rests against the post. The 3/16 inch thick mounting brackets are hand welded to the deck plate defying efforts to knock the mailbox loose. Polyurethane paint protects steel Mailboxes, and stainless Mailboxes are finished to a lustrous sheen. Standard Mailbox is 21"L x 7"W x 10"H, 37 lbs. Large Mailbox is 24"L x 10"W x 13"H, 55lbs. They accept any 6 x 6 post. USA.

1351 Large Estate Mailbox $245.00
1358 Standard Estate Mailbox $225.01)
Please specify black, white, or forest green

1337 Large Stainless Estate Mailbox $350.00
1344 Standard Stainless Estate Mailbox $310.00

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