The three pages shown here are from a 1965 FBI trianing book on firearms. Mr Hoover must have really liked this gun.




No part of the training of a police officer is more important than that part devoted to firearms training. The officer's life, as well as the lives of his fellow officers, might depend some day entirely upon the officer's skill with a revolver, machine gun, or shotgun.

An Agent entering on duty in the FBI immediately goes into a training class of fourteen weeks. A very vital part of his course of study is "Firearms Training." He must not only learn to shoot expertly the .30 caliber rifle, repeating shotgun, .45 caliber Thompson Sub-machine Gun, gas gun, and .38 caliber "Official Police" Colt revolver, but he must study and learn the nomenclature of these guns. He must learn to take them apart for cleaning purposes and be able to put them back together again without assistance. He must know the individual parts of each gun and their particular function.

Firearms training is more than mere marksmanship. It includes a thorough knowledge of the guns to be used; their component parts, their power, their range, et cetera. The more knowledge a police officer has concerning the gun he carries with him, the greater respect he has for that gun and its danger, and such respect lessens the possibility of unnecessary accidents to himself or others.

Feeling that all police officers are vitally interested in the subject of firearms training the FBI is publishing a series of photographs in this and subsequent issues of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin showing the various parts of weapons used by the FBI, and correct and incorrect sight alignment.

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