It is interesting to talk with people you meet who are retired military and find out why
they have an interest in the Thompson Submachine Gun. The next two images are of a
Viet Nam helicopter pilot named CW-2 Frederic A. Von Behrens  U.S. Army (Retired). He
carried a Thompson attached to his seat while in Nam. Below are two photos and parts of
an email he sent to me telling about the Thompsons.
I first picked up a M1A1, and sometime after that got a M1 which I preferred to carry.  My
cousin sent me a vertical grip and i put that on the A1. I never wrote down any of the serial
numbers.  had a sizable collection over there till I was wounded, then all of my goodies got
grabbed.  Had an AF major that was going to fly everything to the Philippines, and one of his
buddies to Travis AFB where the plan was to ground ship all to my folks.  Shame that it
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