This document shows that the design was created by E. E. Richardson in 1943 and submitted for
patent approval. E. E. Richardson was a salesman for Auto-Ordnance. At one point they even
offered to make him the Domestic Sales Manager, because he was so successful.
After Auto-Ordnance stopped all sales to individuals and later stopped all sales period, and allowed
Federal Laboratories to act as the sole sales force, Richardson went to work for them. During the
early stages of WWII the sale of Thompsons was restricted to factory protection and military only.
As the supplies grew, guns were again allowed to be sold to police etc. Richardson never stopped
working and was creative as well.
Richardson is credited with the creation of the Indiana style payroll case and other patents for car
accessories. Here his designs turned to the Thompson. With all of the guns sold by him, he must have
been tired of policing up his brass so he came up with this "Brass Trap."
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