blank-adapted military surplus tommy guns!
I can't help but wonder where the, "Bonnie and
Clyde," Thompsons are today. The motion pic-
ture was filmed on location in Texas in 1966
and released the following year. In those days,
most NFA props were supplied by Ellis Mer-
cantile or by Stembridge Gun Rentals. Sadly,
both firms have since quit the business. Their
inventories have been sold. I'd like to think that
each of those wonderful, old movie veterans has
found a comfortable spot in some Thompson collector's gun safe.. .but who can say?
Happy 40th anniversary, "Bonnie and Clyde." Thanks for the "sub-gun" memories.
Thanks to the folks at Kahr for their gracious donation, The American Thompson Association is, raffling
a new Kahr C Drum ($800 value) with all proceeds going to the club. This is a chance to own one of these
new drums for $10. Only 100 tickets will be sold. There will be a limit of 5 tickets ($10 ea) per member.
The drawing will be held at the TATA All Thompson Show and Shoot August 18th.
Postcards will be sent out to all TATA members, so even those that cannot attend the show will have a
We must receive your reply by August 1st. There may be some tickets available at the show, but it would
be best to get your tickets early.
This is available to TATA members only, so tell all your friends to join and get in on this SUPER raffle.
 Your Humble Treasurer
  Phil Askew
P.S. Don't forget to bring extra money for our famous 50/50 drawing at this years Show and Shoot!!!!!
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