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Tracie Hill, Thompson submachine gun appraiser, collector and author of Thompson: The American Legend, and founder of The American Thompson Association, in association with The Unofficial Tommy Gun Page, presents this Internet version of The American Thompson Association newsletter.

The Online version of the newsletter provides much, but not all, of the information that appears in the printed version received quarterly by association members.  You can receive you own unabbreviated copy of the newsletter, by becoming a member. 

For membership information please contact:

Tracie Hill
P.O. Box 8710
Newark, OH. 43058-8710 

Annual membership dues: $30.

I hope you enjoy reading the Online edition of the The American Thompson Association newsletter.

Tracie's new Thompson book is now
available on-line.

Order your copy today

Thompson: The American Legend

Tracie Hill's last book; Thompson: The American Legend, ISBN 0-88935-208-9
is now out of print.  Those of you who had the foresight to purchase your
copy while the book was still available, were shrewd investors.

To order Tracie Hill's Video Tape
"Tales of the Gun: The Tommy Gun",

thcgenb.gif (20399 bytes)
It can be ordered through the History Channel
at Tel. 1-800-408-4842  or  1-800-708-1776

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