What do I need?

The Dillon XL650 Reloader uses a variety of parts to configure the machine to reload specific caliber cartridges.  Dillon packages sets of parts into Kits that contain all the parts needed to configure the machine to reload a specific caliber.   As a Kit, these sets of parts are given a Kit part number.  However, all the component parts in the Kit still have their own Dillon part numbers.

Since Dillon sells both Complete Conversion Kits, and the loose Parts that make up the Kits, you may own a combination of Kits and loose Parts that combined, would let you reload many more calibers than you thought possible.

With this query, you can ask the program "What do I need" to load a specific caliber.

For example;  If you opened up the database and marked the following thee Kits as owned:

  1. .223, .222, .221 Rem
  2. .270 Win.
  3. 7.62 mm x 39 Russ

Then you either:

The program will display the parts needed to load the .224 Wby Mag cartridge.

As you can see, all the parts needed to load this caliber can be obtained from the three caliber conversion Kits you marked as being owned by you.   You can use five parts from your 7.62x39 Kit, two parts from the .223 Kit, and one part from the .270 Kit.  In this case, you don't have to purchase any other reloading machine parts to start loading the .224 Wby Magnum cartridge.

In some cases, you'll not have enough parts on hand to load a desired caliber.  Using the above example, Left-Click the Complete Conversion Kit button to restore the list, then select the .243 Win caliber instead of the .224 Wby Mag, you'll see that the .270 Win Conversion Kit contains all but one of the parts needed for this caliber.

In this case you'll have to purchase the #13305 Funnel before you can load the .243 Win caliber.

If you do purchase the #13305 Funnel, and then mark the database to indicate that you own this part, when you perform a What can I load? query, you'll now see the .243 Win caliber listed along with the others as calibers you can load.