Dillon XL650 reloading utility program v2.3.

This version of the Dillon XL650 Reloading Utility was created as a replacement for the v1.0 version of the program that was written in the late 1990's.  Since that time, the Dillon XL650 progressive reloader has been updated with new accessories  including additional Caliber Conversion Kits that didn't exist at the time the original program was written.  The design of the original program did not lend itself well to the addition of these new reloading kits and parts, so the time was ready for a replacement.

Like the original program, you can still keep track of the Dillon Caliber Conversion Kits and loose parts that you own.  You can also query the program to show you what calibers you can reload from all of the Kits and Parts you've purchased.  And you can find out what additional parts, when combined with the existing Kits and Parts you own, you need to purchase to reload a specific caliber.

However, the new program includes many new features such as:

  • The ability to perform a text search to find conversion kits that match the specified query.
  • Inclusion of a Comment field in the Caliber Conversion Kit editor.  This allows you to add you own comments to a conversion kit.
  • Updated DillonXL650 database containing all the current known conversion kits and parts.
  • Unlimited ability to add new Conversion Kits and Parts as they become available for the XL650.
  • Color highlighting in the main display of Kits, parts in kits, and loose parts that are owned.
  • User selectable colors for part highlights.
  • Ability to maintain several different databases in multiple files.
  • Database stored in a standard XML file.
  • Ability to Import the owned Kit and Part settings from your old program database.