The Options Dialog allows you to specify user preferences for for certain program settings.   Currently, the only user preference that can be set is the selection of color highlighting used in the main display grid to indicate Owned Kits, common Parts of an Owned Kit, and Owned loose Parts.

To display the Options dialog, select the Options menu item:

When the dialog opens up you will see the three colors that the program uses for it's display highlight colors. 

Move the mouse over one of the colors; the cursor changes into hand with an extended pointing finger.  Click the mouse and you'll open the Color Selection dialog box.  The dialog color settings are preset to the color you clicked over.   Make the desired color changes in the dialog, then press Ok to accept the new color.  You can set any or all three to whatever color you choose.  When the Options dialog is closed, and the Reloading Utility program is closed, you color changes are saved so they will be restored the next time you run the program.

If you choose to restore the colors to their original settings, simply press the Restore defaults button.